Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drysuit Inflation Bottle Setup

            Currently I am using a DiveRite Nomad BCD with some slight modifications, which can be seen in more detail in my Sidemount write up.  I use the Nomad for all my diving whether is be single tank, doubles, sidemount or rebreather.

a) Nomad w/ Deep Sea Supply Tail-plate
 Note: When speaking about left and right it is being described as being worn by the diver.
            With all my configurations I use a small 6 cu ft bottle of air for drysuit inflation.  I use an H2O odyssey valve/regulator combo with a small button SPG.  The tank has a SS hose clamp about ¼ of the way from the tank bottom, with a small d-ring secured to it.

b) Inflation bottle /w H2O Odyssey Valve

            The inflation bottle is secured with a SS quick link from the small d-ring on the bottle to the small d-ring on the inside of the Nomad.  The tank valve/regulator is slid through a small bungee loop, and the loop is secured through a small hole in the plate where base of the shoulder strap connects to.

c) Inflation bottle connected at base & Valve slide through loop

            The bottle is mounted on the left side of the body with the valve down and LP inflation hose facing forward when wore by the diver.  The tank rides along the back side of the diver and stays tucked away from any potential snags.

d) Diver Wearing Inflation bottle

            This setup will also work with a backplate and wing setup, traditionally used by technical divers.  It is used on all my dives when wearing a drysuit because it is so streamlined and out of the way.

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