Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Equipment Specialist

The Equipment Specialist course is a non diving class.  In this course the diver will learn the basic principles of how their dive gear works and how to properly maintain their gear.  Basic repairs and adjustment to gear such as regulators and BCDs will be discussed.  As well as how to patch/mend exposure suits, replacing o-rings and hoses.  The diver will also be taught how to build a real Save-A-Dive kit and what tools they should have with them.  The information presented in this course is information a diver gains after years of diving, but if you want it now and in one dose this class is for you.

  • Minimum Age 12 yrs old
  • Advanced Open Water Certification
  • Own Scuba Equipment (Recommend, not required)
Course Structure
  • 1 Class Lecture