Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello Kitty

Today began with setting up my rebreather, heading over to Amigos to meet up with a dive buddy and head over to Telford.  When I arrived, Amigo's was packed with people already and it was only 9 am and after the normal chit chatting and getting gear organized, it was 10:30am.  Since are plan was to dive Telford then finish it off with Jug, but after spending to much time getting ready we decided to head north to Peacock.  On the drive, I remember Kitty Sink was close and visibility in the area right now is great.

I gave my buddy a call and told him about my new idea of diving Kitty Sink.  He was up for it, and I was excited to try another new cave.  We pulled up to the sink, and I immediately got out and ran over to the hole to see what the vis looked like.  It was awesome, you could see the bottom from the top of the steps, about 50-75' above the water level.  We instantly started getting ready and decided to bring a stage and O2 because the only info I had about this system was 100' depth, it is part of the Lafayette System.  I decided against the CCR because my buddy was on OC and if the depth was 100' the dive would not be long enough to warrant its use in my opinion.

Kitty Sink

I entered the sink first, attached my
main sidemount tanks and ran a primary in to the cave.  What I found on the way in, is there is already a primary line from open water to the mainline and its the perfect depth to drop deco bottles (25').  The vis inside was looking good, I looked around got my bearings and figured out which way was upstream & downstream.  By this time my buddy was getting in the water, I surfaced grabbed my stage and oxygen, told him what I just found and we descended down.

Upon reaching the main line, I dropped the O2 and we began our dive upstream.  There did not seem to be much flow and we were making decent progress.  At 400' into the system from Kitty we reached Trap Sink, and continued on.  Another sink (Unsure the name) came in to sight about 750' in the system and we dropped are stages around 950'.  We continued on in to the system on back gas, coming to a T a little past the 1500' and we went to the right.  The cave up to this point is large but you can usually see wall to wall for the most part.  At 1850' in to the system we reached another T, again we went to the right.  At this point the cave really started to open up and all we could see is the line/ floor, with a wall coming in to view once in awhile.  Communication with my buddy, we were both think the same thing and turned the dive at 60 minutes in to the cave about 2,600' from Kitty Sink.

The swim out was uneventful, but very nice cave and I took notes of times & distances to refer to a map later on.  We reached Kitty Sink at 1 hr 47 minutes, with an average depth of 43', therefore no deco after almost 2 hours :)   My buddy and I decided to go down stream a little ways since we still had plenty of gas and drifted to the next sink down about 500' from Kitty.  It was a neat sink with a lot of wood on the bottom that beavers had chewed to pointed spears and no bark.  We swam back to Kitty and had a total bottom time of 2 hours 10 minutes.  I grabbed my oxygen and buddy pulled the primary reel.

I highly recommend checking this system out; we had vis of about 30' which does not happen to often from what I hear.  The line is in good condition but was very dark, and easy to loose if you get off of it to far because it blends in with the silty bottom and/or walls.  I think the line might be the original, because it was knotted and looked like it had the original distance markers made with tape.

After packing up the gear we headed to Cave Excursions to fill our tanks, grabbed some food down the street and headed over to Little River to check out some of the sidemount tunnels.  After gearing up and heading in, I ran a primary and we jumped to the tunnel just left of the main line.  This line goes upstream in the system and dumps out just before the chute in the mainline.  We also located the worm hole and headed in but after the first 90 degree bend silt was flowing past us making vis worse.  Not knowing anything about this tunnel we turn and headed back to the mainline.  Following the mainline farther in the system, we made a jump to the right, directly across from the middle of the mud tunnel line.  Heading upstream on this line it went about 50' and ran in to the mainline.  At this time we came out to the mainline turned around and started to head back in.  All of a sudden my light starts to flash and then went dead.  I immediately reached the mainline and turned on my mask light.  I thought no biggie, let check my other back up light, ok it works and I went back in to the SM tunnel and pulled our reel.  From here we exited the cave.

Little River Basin

Time for bed, going to try to dive Telford & Jug tomorrow.  If anyone has detials about the Lafayette System I have some questions and wanna compare my notes with you.  Please email me

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  1. You guys missed the best part of Lafayette... the Spring Tunnel 200' downstream from Kitty. You swam right past it twice! :)