Saturday, January 29, 2011

Invasion By River

Today started off early with the alarm going off at 6:30 am and I was up getting ready to go dive Telford.  After rubbing the sleepies out of my eyes and making a super large cup of coffee I was out the door to meet my dive buddy at Amigos.  By the time I arrived his tanks were filled and we headed to Cave Excursions to swap gear between trucks and put only essential gear in one truck and leave the valuables in the other parked at the shop.  We parked at the boat ramp just downstream of Telford and began to suit up.

Gearing Up at Boat Ramp
In no time my buddy and I were ready to go, I think it was the excitement of
diving a new cave.  Our plan was to bring a stage a piece and I would tow him upstream to Telford.  As we waded into the river, the water temperature gave us a surprise, it was chilly!  I attached the scooter set the prop to 9 and we started to head up stream.  The river flow did not look fast but we made little head way with the scooter on full and buddy kicking.  After running in to a few branches and slow headway we stopped about 3/4 of the way to Telford.  I decided to take the stages upstream first then come back for him, but by the time I got there and turned around to come back to pick him up, he was at the spring.  Once reaching the spring I felt like a Navy Seal storming a beach as we crawled over the sandbar with full set of gear, a stage and I had a scooter.

Spring Run or Sandbar
After some work we were in the basin of Telford, with a few minutes rest to catch our breath and get are gear and stage bottles situated it was time to begin the dive.

Ant gearing up in Telford Spring

We started our descent in to Telford Spring, about 50' in to the system I clipped of the scooter to the main line.  Shortly there after there was a glow of ambient light as we came to Telford Sink.  I tied in a spool connecting the lines across the sink, and again we were back in the cave swimming.  A few minutes later Terrapin Sink came in to view and we connected a spool from one side of the sink to the other.  Again we continued on in to the cave and all I have to say about the cave is it's AWESOME!!!  It is three caves in one, wide tunnel, low bedding planes & vertical cracks.  You have to go check it out, it is worth the work.

Telford Sink & Terrapin Sink

There are no numbered markers in the system that we saw, but we made it to the first T, and stayed to the right.  Within a few minutes after passing the T we turned the dive and headed home.  Our run time was 2 hours and 2 minutes, Average Depth of 45', therefore no deco.  Take a day and check out this system, note it will take the whole day to complete this dive.

Here are a few shorts clips.  I need more light but not bad with a point and shoot still, I guess.

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