Monday, January 31, 2011

Jug Springs, Crazy Horse Sink & Peacock

Finally after three days of trying to dive Jug Springs, we made it to Jug first thing in the morning.  Here is a short compilation of video clips from our dive at Jug Springs.  Hope you enjoy, its not the best it was shot with a point and shoot camera.

Coming Soon

From Jug we went to check out Crazy Horse Spring since I heard vis should be similar to Kitty Sink two days ago.  Keeping with my theme of this trip, I went for it.  The GPS numbers on Cave Atlas are accurate, you will come to a clearing on your left with power lines.  We parked on the side of the road and walked about .1 miles.  The sink is located between the second and third telephone pole from the road on the right.

Crazy Horse Sink is about 30-40' lower then the surrounding area, with semi steep surroundings.  It would be best to have a rope to help make it easier to climb back up with gear.  We did not dive the site because the surface vis was clear for about 4-6' and then had a milky layer.  Between the unknown vis and all the No Trespassing signs we thought it not worth it.

Our back up plan was to head to Peacock and do one nice long dive.  We entered at P1, followed the gold line to the second jump on the right and swam to Cisteen.  About midway between the gold line and  Cisteen the water temperature dropped 2 degrees and the water turned to a tantic color.   At Cisteen we decided not to surface to avoid getting covered in all kinds of debris on the surface and turned the dive.  On the way back to P1 we jumped to Nicholas Tunnel, continued down the tunnel back to the mainline.  In this tunnel the water again turned to fanatic color and cooler temperature.  Once back on the mainline we headed out to P1.  Our run time was 1 hour 38 minutes, with average depth of 55'.

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