Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Open Water

The Open Water scuba course is the first set to becoming a scuba diver.  In this course you will learn the basics of scuba diving, from how to setup and use gear, plan dives and basic skills to dive.  This course is usually conducted in a minimum of 4 days, depending on the way the class is structured.  It is broken down in to academic with at home study, confined water dives (pool dives) and 2 days of open water dives (lake and/or ocean dives).

At the completion of this course you will be a certified scuba diver (60' max).  This means you have the ability to fill tanks, rent scuba gear and sign up for scuba diving trips.  You also have the responsibility to be a safe diver, continue your dive training and to dive regularly.

I do not teach this course independently because I do not have rental gear or a pool, but I teach the open water class for a few different dive shops.  If you are interested in taking the course with me or would like a recommendation, please feel free to contact me.

  • Minimum Age 10 yrs old
  • Swim 100 yards continuously
  • Tread water for 10 minutes