Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Right Mindset
     Diving & dive training should be fun and something you want to do.  Coming to a dive site or course with a negative attitude, outside distractions or being stressed, is going to make things unpleasant for yourself and others.  It may also lead you to make mistakes and potentially cause injury/death to yourself and team.

The Right Equipment
     Dive equipment has come along way over the years, and is available from multiple manufactures, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Do not let gear dictate how you gear is configured but instead configure you gear to be: High Quality, Streamlined, & Standardization for all your diving.

The Right Experience
     Just because you have a certain level of certification does not mean you have the that kind of dive experience (Stay within your comfort zone).   You should conduct training in the environment you plan to do most of your diving.  Dives during your class are supervised and controlled.   As a responsible diver you need to go out and dive at your current level of certification.  This will allows you to tone your skills, be a more comfortable diver and a chance to gain real world dive experience.