Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wreck Diver

The Wreck Diver course the diver will learn how to plan, organize and conduct wreck dives.  Special emphasis will be placed on propulsion & buoyancy techniques, equipment such as reels & lights, emergency procedures and all other considerations associated with wreck diving.

The courses is offered two ways: external wreck diving, with no penetration or wreck diving with limited penetration.  The external wreck diving course is geared to the diver with limited to no experience diving real shipwrecks.  If the diver is new to the Northeast Atlantic and wants to learn how to safely dive wrecks this course is for them.  The limited penetration option is recommend for the diver who has been diving shipwrecks for awhile and went to expand there skills.  The diver should be familiar and diving with a redundant gas source and/or diving in a technical configuration.

  • Minimum Age 15 yrs old
  • Advanced Openwater Certification
  • Enriched Air Nitrox (Recommended) 
  • Limited Penetration Option
    • 10 Dives after Advanced Certification
Course Structure
  • 1 Class Lecture
  • 4 Dives over 2 days