Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mill Pond, Day 3 of 4

Today started better then yesterday the sun was out and I had rebuilt my BOV in hope to solve the problem of excess water in my loop.  Ted topped off all are tanks in the morning and we did the morning routine of getting the rebreathers, scooters, etc together.

Since it is getting close to my last days here, and our group had planned to do
 one longer dive, I wanted to go to the Stratosphere.  Therefore our dive plan was to go to the end of the line and on the way out maybe checkout a few side tunnels.  Andrew and I scootered in stopping at the first T to check our safety then at the stop light for Andrew's bathroom break and I checked our other safety.  From the stop light we scootered up the gold line keeping a close eye on it as to not accidentally move to a jump or T 'ed line.  We made it back to the Stratosphere in about 55 min, then spent about 10 minutes just looking around.  It was AMAZING!!! The ceiling just towers above you from the mainline and its like being in a upside down canyon.  I have to say it has to be one of the largest rooms I have been in but could still see almost end to end.  My words can not due it justice you have to see it for yourself.

Day 3 Route Added

After spending sometime taking in the sights we got back on the scooters and headed for home.  Just before the elbow we reached our jump spool from yesterday and could see the other two divers in our group were still in the system.  Knowing they were still doing there dive, we headed for Kings Canyon.  We dropped our scooters on the upstream side of King's Canyon, tied in a spool to the line and followed it back towards the gold line.  This dive kept getting better and better.  The canyon was spectacular with a vertical fissure type feel with shelves along the side.  It kinda reminded me of Blue Springs in Orange County FL, but way cooler.  As we followed the line back towards the gold line we could hear a faint buzzing in the water.  When we approached the gold line the other half of our group came buzzing by, asked if we where ok and exited.  Andrew and I swam back upstream to retrieve our scooters and then buzzed out of the system.  The BT for this dive was 2 hr 10 min, RT 2hr 40 min, Avg Depth 76', & Max Depth N/A.

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  1. Nice dive! Cannot wait to get back down there... but I have too! LOL.