Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mill Pond, Day 4 of 4

I know this report is a few days old, but right after my dive on Wednesday I packed my truck, ate, went to bed and was on the road by 3am.  It took me 16 hours to go from the Pond to South Jersey.

Anyway my last dive at Jackson Blue was great, even though it was confusing.  Andrew and I scootered up a little ways past the elbow, where we dropped them on the last hard rock bottom we could find.  We then
swam up the main line until we reached the jump on the left side.  The plan was to do the two small circuits you can see on the map, but that plan went to crap right after I tied in my spool to the line.  As we tied in, the line Ts and we said to the left.  Swimming in 50' or so it Ts again, and we went right.  At this point you can see another T and lines running parallel.  We went in about another 100' or so turned and did a few small circuits throughout that area.

When we made it back to the main line, head farther upstream until we reached the jump on the right at 3200' marker.  From here we ran into a T we expected stayed to the left and thought the tunnel ran back into the gold line.  Instead it the line Ts again, and we stayed to the left.  This line ended and there was a jump to the right but we turned the dive at this point.

Once back at the scooters we got back on the trigger and headed to the first breakdown area.  Again we dropped the scooters on the mainline and jumped over to the tunnel to the left when exiting.  This was a nice little side tunnel that kind of ended in a small restriction (Easily passable if in Sidemount).  Then we turned around on made a second jump to a smaller tunnel that brings you upstream in to the system and drops you out on the gold line near the second breakdown.  Our BT was about 2.5 hrs with a RT of 3 hr 10 min, average depth 94'.

There is so much to see here and I can't wait to get back.  If you have not been you must go!!! Also I would like to thank Forrest for the use of his scooter in a last minute effort to save my trip.  Thanks again!!!
Time to start diving the cold Northeast and some classes coming up.

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