Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kiss Classic CCR Configurations

     Currently I am using a Kiss Classic CCR, with a DiveRite Nomad BCD with some slight modifications, which can be seen in more detail in my Sidemount write up.  Personally I believe the Kiss Classic is the best choice for me and can be dove off the shelf with barely any modifications compared to any of the other units.  It is a mechanically assisted unit with backmounted counterlungs, and BOV, meeting my three requirements of a CCR.  These requirements allow the CCR to have no electronic control, it keeps my chest clean (No counterlungs getting in the way or potential for puncturing a hole in them) and can be switched to open circuit with a flip of a switch.
Note: When speaking about left and right it is being described as being worn by the diver.

a) Nomad w/ Deep Sea Supply Tail-plate

Rebreather Configuration
     Below describes the two different configurations I use on my rebreather: the first being the standard configuration with both on board diluent and oxygen tanks and the other is a dual oxygen configuration where

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boston Sea Rovers

Its been a few weeks since I have added to the site, sorry about this I was busy moving & starting a new job.  Last weekend, 3/4/11, I headed up to Boston after work to try and make the kickoff Friday night event, but do to traffic & a lot of accidents I did not make it there until 11pm (At one point it took me 2.5 hours to go 3.5 miles).  Once I finally got to the hotel I checked in and still made it in time for a few drinks, meet up with my old buddies and stared making new friends.  On Saturday I started the day with walking around the vendor section (Small but enough to keep you busy for an hour or two) and then started attending presentation (What it is really about).  Then Saturday evening after trying to find a place to eat that could take our group of 14, we made it back in time for the start of the Film Festival.  This was very entertaining with some great films, some OK films & then those LOOTERS ;)

Sunday was more of the same with presentations and I spent some time checking out the artifact room.  We called it a half day on Sunday but before we left stopped at the "Clam Box" for an awesome lunch.