Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arundo 5/22/11

Today we headed out to the Arundo, on the Independence II.  This was going to be dive day 2 for my students who are taking TDI Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures course.  I arrived at the dock to find both my students had already arrived and began loading gear on the boat (Bonus Point 1).  After loading the gear and going through the dive boat briefing we where underway.  On the way out we checked out each others gear, made sure everyone had the right mixes and reviewed our dive plan.  Both students had been in communication with each other and already had their tables cut and ready for me to review (Bonus Point 2).  At this point I knew it was going to be a pretty good day of diving, even though the weather was a little uncooperative.

Captain Dan got us on site in know time and his crew had us tied in to the wreck within a few minutes upon arrival.  Since it was a full boat and the wreck is not going anywhere, my students and I decided to let some other divers get dressed and splash before we started to gear up.  We went over our dive plan one last time 
and then splashed.  So far so good, students did their predive checks, S-drill & bubble check.  While waiting for them to do there checks on the Carolina rig a school of
dog sharks had been circling below.  Everything checked out and they began their descent to the wreck.  We reached the wreck in no time, vis was about 20-30' and they explored the wreck.  After 20 minutes we reached our planned bottom time and began our ascent.  All in all we had a good first dive of the day and I was able to bring up a nice flounder.

During our surface interval they changed over tanks, we discussed the plus and minuses of the previous dive and went over the plan for dive two.  One objective was to recover some beer bottles from the wreck.  After a 2 hour surface interval we splashed again, this time we ran a real out from the anchor line.  About 50' or so I had noticed some shards of bottles and as I was locking up the reel to signal over one of my students he already figured it out and grabbed a full intact bottle.  Game on after that, the three of us each had a little hole and began digging for intact bottles.  After a few minutes of trying to reach a intact bottle, I feel a tap and its one of my students, and give me signal it's time to go.  Big bonus points that they stuck to the plan even when getting excited about digging for artifacts.  We made it back to the anchor line, and up we went.  They made all their stops perfectly and I could not have been happier with there performance.

Also check out Brandon's website for more picture and video.

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