Sunday, October 16, 2011

Long Over Due

Well this update is long time over due.  It has been a very busy spring and summer.  My last update was during week one of commercial dive school.  I completed dive school at the end of July with my ADCI Air Diver/Tender Card and DCBC Restricted Surface Supplied Diver.  Upon arrival back home I was sent our to Houston Texas for a few weeks and to New Orleans for work.   Texas was 104 degrees on a cool day and the water temperatures where a toasty 88 degrees.  In New Orleans I had the treat of diving in the Mississippi River for the first time and it will be something I will not forget.  Between current, zero vis, large amounts of debris and gators it made the diving interesting but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The traveling for work put a dent in my ocean diving but at least I was still diving.  Since being back after Labor Day I have been getting out every weekend we have had good weather.  I was able to dive the Stolt Dagali, Arundo, Viking and a few snags spearfishing.