Wednesday, October 29, 2014

KISS Sidekick CCR Buildup

While getting together some photos for how I am configuring my KISS Sidekick rebreather I realized the pictures in manual are a little out dated since there have been some minor changes to the unit.  The following are the steps to build the KISS Sidekick rebreather and for more information check out Kiss

The buildup of the unit starts with the scrubber canister which consist of the gray canister with a scrubber basket screen secured to one end.  Place the scrubber canister with the attached scrubber screen closest the the floor.

Fill the scrubber canister with sorb a 3rd of the way, tap around the entire perimeter of the canister.  Repeat this step two more times and making sure the last time the sorb should cover about half the threads.  Install the scrubber basket screen and continue tapping around the scrubber canister until the sorb is packed and the top of the screen is flush with the bottom of the threads.

Next screw the scrubber base with the tension spring into the scrubber canister.  Make sure you attach the scrubber base to the side in which you just installed the scrubber basket screen.

Now flip the scrubber canister over standing the scrubber on the scrubber base.  The rebreather head will then screw into the top of the scrubber canister.  Be sure to check the connections on your sensors and the wires are secure inside the head as to not get pinched when attaching the head to the scrubber canister.  Attach the loose end of the vacuum break (plastic spiral piece) to the scrubber base.

Place the counterlung case next the rebreather head and scrubber canister make sure to line up the ADV (white plastic piece) and the opening in the counter lung case,  Pick up the rebreather head by the hose towers and slide the head/scrubber into the counterlung case.  Secure the rebreather head to the counterlung case with the four thumb screws.

Lastly install both inhale and exhale breathing hoses and a DSV or BOV.  Be sure to do a positive and negative check and to a pre-breath the unit for at least 5 minutes.

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