Monday, March 16, 2015

GoPro Storage Solution

I quick tip to help organize your GoPro cameras and accessories.  Like many I went out and purchased a GoPro to allow me to record the dives I was doing and share with family and friends.  Just as so many others, I became hooked on these little cameras, needless to say the cameras, housings, and accessories began to immaculate.  For the past few years I was just tossing the camera housing in my equipment box and the accessories would go in the my day or overnight bag depending on the trip and I could never find the right item in a hurry when I wanted to record something.  The solution? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

KISS SideKick CCR Configuration

Originally when I ordered my KISS Sidekick it was offered as a SCCR primarily but I had mine ordered with a extra gas port and two fisher cables.  The normal gas port for diluent that feeds the ADV was replaced with a 90 degree swivel with an Owniswivel quick disconnect (male) w/ check valve.  The additional port for the oxygen is an Owniswivel quick disconnect (male) w/ check valve.

The tanks are secured with custom tank brackets from another project but any pony bottle mounts should work.  The valve wheels are pointed inward towards each other and the 1st stages press up against the counter lung cage.

The diluent bottle is mounted on the right side (Left in photo) with an 8" LP hose, inline shut off and and then a 90 degree angle with Omniswivel quick disconnect (female).  This connects to the male quick disconnect which feeds the ADV.  The inline shut off is needed to prevent it from accidentally firing not in the horizontal position.  The oxygen is mounted on the left side (Right in photo) with a 90 degree swivel attached to an 8" LP hose, attached to the inlet side of the MAV/Metering valve.  A 15" LP hose is attached to the the outlet side of the MAV/Metering valve and has an Omniswivel quick disconnect (female).    This connects to