Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ayuruoca (Oil Wreck) Trip Report

            This is a rather long “trip report” but I wanted to write it up as a shout out to our friend Joe Mazraani who announced several years ago (while he was a captain on Gene Holmes dive boat Homewrecker) he was going to “go get” the massive 6 ½’ diameter Oil Wreck helm.  The helm project eventually required 3 years of work which all culminated into two days of shaft cutting.  The Ayuruoca lies in 176 FSW in the New York Mud Hole.  The “Hole” is the long flooded ice age Hudson River Valley about 8 miles off sandy Hook.  Mud Hole wrecks are silty and very dark from the constant flow of ooze from the Hudson River.   The helm was the rear most auxiliary station located near the very tip of the stern.  It’s impressive diameter and oversized shaft is due to the fact that it was intended to turn the rudder with muscle power in case of a steering failure.