Monday, February 21, 2011

Finger Spool: Securing the Line

Normally a double-ender is used to secure the standing end of the line to a finger spool.  This method works ok, but it can lead to the finger spool breaking because its a stiff connection.  The other method I was showed by my instructor was to thread the line through an opening in the finger spool and then clip the double-ender to the loop in the line.

Method 1: Double-ender attached to spool               Method 2: Double-ender attached to line

The method I came up with before my last trip to go cave diving is as follows.  First thread the line through the double-ender, then thread the line through one of the holes in the side of the finger spool.  Now clip the double-ender in to the loop at the end of the line.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

So why this method? 
     I like this because you can easily deploy the line from the finger spool by unclipping the rope and when you pull the double-ender away, it pulls the line from the spool.  Its not that big of a deal but it helps because sometimes the line is to tight to the spool and you have to keep picking at it.  Also if you are wearing gloves especially in cold water its nearly impossible to get the line from the spool.  When restowing the spool I usually just do it like method 2 above.  The con to this method is you have to setup your spools before the dive or if doing during the dive it takes a little longer.  I may not be the first to do it this way but have yet to see it.  I used it for a week a diving to test and it works well.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ultimate Gear Box

     One of the most valuable things on a dive boat is deck space and one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing gear all over the deck or huge boxes/bags all over getting in the way.  When this happens it makes it dangerous to the diver getting on and off the boat and potentially dangerous to your equipment if someone drops something or falls on your stuff.

     Over many dive trips and on many different boats I have seen a variety of boxes and bags to hold gear such as, mesh dive bags, suitcase travel bags, milk crates, double stacked milk crates, and large bins with detachable lids.  I have also tried a variety of different boxes/bags and finally found the best solution.

Variety of Boxes & Bags

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little River Photoshoot

Here are the results from the photo dive we did at Little River, on 2/4/11.  Photos taken by Billy Fowler, Divers are Mike Clay & Anthony Tedeschi.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mill Pond, Day 4 of 4

I know this report is a few days old, but right after my dive on Wednesday I packed my truck, ate, went to bed and was on the road by 3am.  It took me 16 hours to go from the Pond to South Jersey.

Anyway my last dive at Jackson Blue was great, even though it was confusing.  Andrew and I scootered up a little ways past the elbow, where we dropped them on the last hard rock bottom we could find.  We then

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mill Pond, Day 3 of 4

Today started better then yesterday the sun was out and I had rebuilt my BOV in hope to solve the problem of excess water in my loop.  Ted topped off all are tanks in the morning and we did the morning routine of getting the rebreathers, scooters, etc together.

Since it is getting close to my last days here, and our group had planned to do

Mill Pond Day 2 of 4

Today started at 7 am to the sound of rain coming down outside, but managed to pull my behind out of bed and get the day started.  As I made my way to the living room to check to make sure all my batteries had charged up, Ted was in the kitchen getting the coffee started.  Soon there after the rest of the house woke up and the prepping of gear began.  First all the Diluent, Oxygen and Inflation bottles where filled from Ted's trailer (aka mobile fill shop), then the rebreathers were assembled.  After the main gear was set we kinda messed around with stuff in hope that the rain would stop and Mark setup his new video camera system on his scooter.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mill Pond, Day 1 of 4

If you have been keeping up with my latest adventures, I have been giving Florida Caves one last go before I move back up north.  So far on my trip, I have managed to add six news systems in five days to my list of caves.  Yesterday, the 6th of February I drove up to Marianna to meet a group of friends to dive the mill pond for four days.  After getting in to Marianna unloaded the gear to the Hole in the Wall house, went to dinner and came home to get all our gear ready for the next day of diving.

Today started off with setting up the rest of the gear, walking over to see Ed at Cave Adventures to pick up the boat and then bringing the boat back to the house so we could go diving.  After a few motor issues leaving the dock, we successfully made it to the dock behind the house and started loading all the rebreathers, scooters, bailout bottles, etc.