Saturday, June 11, 2011

Will Dive for Food

A little change of pace then the normal diving, where artifacts are usually the goal and food is secondary thought. We headed out of Atlantic City to hit a few small snags to kill some fish and grab some lobsters. We left the dock around 5am and was greeted with a beautiful sky.

After a little bumpy ride and a few attempts trying to hook a sanded in wreck, we began gearing up. I went in first, tied in the hook and took off swimming in the direction I thought the larger area of wreckage was. Well I was wrong and found bits and pieces still managing to get a few lobster and Sea Bass. As I made my way back to the anchor line and stared my ascent, what comes in to view? The large part of the wreck I was searching for. O well there is always next time.

For our second dive we went to a shallower wreck and hooked it in no time. I like this wreck because its a larger boiler and is like shooting fish in a barrel. We managed to bag a few more lobster and shoot some more fish. All in all it was a good day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

RP Resor

I have been busy with work and diving so my reports are a little back logged, therefore will keep this short and sweet.  We dove the RP Resor, sits in 130' of water, with the bow split off the wreck and lays about 50' from the main wreckage.  I had only been on the Resor once before and was excited to get back.  The anchor was tied in in the very stern near the deck gun.  The vis was about 30-40', bottom temperature was in the mid 40s and there was no current.  I was able to load up on scallops, grabbed two lobsters and caught a nice size cod by hand :)   It was another great day of diving and everyone had fun.